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Q: How would you like to be able to feed your entire family for FREE?

A: Purchase a Solar Aquaponics System from RED Solar


The average family in Hawaii spends between $150 and $290 on vegetables a month. RED Solar can customize a Solar Aquaponics System that can accommodate for a family of any size and even for Communities if applicable.


Think about the time you spend driving to the store and the time you spend standing in line at the store.  Imagine just having to walk from your garden to you kitchen and your cooking.  Now that's Priceless!


Wait! it gets better…


          No chemicals


          NO GMO's


          Healthier and more nutritious fresh food that's ready at your convenience!


This is now putting money back into your pocket as the difference on what you were spending for vegetables and Gas is now staying in your pocket as you are growing your own vegetables using the power of the Sun.  As well as the fact of less trips to the grocery store, the time it takes to drive to the store and wait inline and then, have to drive all the way back.  


Go Green and grow your own food with NO Chemicals & NO GMO’s.  


Purchase your Solar Aquaponics system Today!!!


Call 808-352-5596 or Click here to set up a No obligation FREE consultation Today!

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