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Monitoring system 56 second video

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To know how much power Tesla can put out and what happens if you try to use more power than specs allow. Click here

AC coupled VS. DC coupled

Generac makes both the inverter and the battery allowing for the most efficiency and superior system design.  See below to get a better understanding on why DC coupled is better than AC coupled.  The key distinction lies in the path the electricity takes once it is produced by the solar panels.  The path of least resistance or DC-coupled is the better path.  Solar panels generate DC electricity that must be transformed into AC electricity in order for your home to use it to power your appliances, however, batteries only store in DC form.  Tesla is AC coupled, which is less efficient than Generac. See below to understand better. (credit to (c) energysage).


In an AC-coupled system.  DC solar electricity flows from your solar panels to a separate solar inverter that has to trans for the electricity into AC electricity.  That AC electricity can then flow into your home appliances.  In order to charge your battery it then has to be invterted again back to DC which was the form it originated from, then in order to use the energy from the battery it then has to be inverted for the 3rd time losing power each time it is inverted because it takes power to invert the electricity. 


With our Generac DC-coupled system the energy generated from the solar panels flow in one path directly from the Solar panels thru the Generac solar inverter from there it simultaneously powers your house loads and allows the DC electricity to flow straight into the batteries to store in one path not being inverted at all.  Meaning when our system powers your house it is only being inverted once when it is actually powering your house.  Making this the most efficient system design on the mark and superior to the other options.

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