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Video: (GoNano Hawaii roof product overview)

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GoNano is nanotechnology that bonds with the surface at a molecular level restructuring it and creating a permanent hydrophobic surface.


Similar products are either soy based liquids that can be washed away by the rain and normally only last 3-5 years. The other options are coats. Coats are a layer, which can strip away and deteriorate, that also means they need to be reapplied two, even three times to do what GoNano does after being applied just once.  Coats can be problematic because coats can trap moisture, which, can lead to other problems like wood rot, algae, moss and mold.  GoNano will prevent algae, moss and mold from growing. GoNano allows your roof to breath and be cooler as it reflects UV rays. Click link to see example - Top Coat Concrete Peeling:

GoNano will revive the look of roof bringing it back to life, enhance the flexibility of the shingles, as well as extend the life of you roof 10 - 15 years on average with one application for a fraction of the cost of having to replace your roof. 


The earlier you apply it the longer your roof will last. If you were to apply GoNano to a new roof it can double the life span of that new roof. 


+ Plus we have a solution for wood and concrete.


VIDEO: (New roof  vs. 20 year old GoNano's Hydrophobic roof)

This video shows a 20 year old roof treated it with GoNano (right side) versus a new roof not treated.  You can see how the untreated new roof (left side) will absorb water, which, will cause your roof to age quicker as it oxidizes, gets brittle and cracks due to getting wet then, drying out repeatedly thru out the years from the hot Hawaiian sun.  Once your roof dries out and gets brittle it is more prone to damage that can lead to leaks.  


GoNano's patented Nanotechnology formula will bring your roof back to life by bonding to it at a molecular level creating a permanent hydrophobic surface, the oils in it will revive your roof by regenerate its original color, and extend the life of your roof on average by

10 - 15 years. 


Press Play on the video above so you can see for your self how well the product works.

* VIDEO1: Hydrophobic roof - Oahu, Hawaii Kai 

* VIDEO2: Hydrophobic roof - Oahu, Hawaii Kai

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VIDEO: Hydrophobic Concrete

This video was filmed on O'ahu, Hawaii. It shows the GoNano concrete formula working after being applied 24 hours prior.  With 1 application it has bonded to the concrete, creating a permanent hydrophobic surface, which will stop moss, mold and algae from growing as well slow erosion, keep the house dryer, keep the concrete cooler as it reflects the UV rays and revives the concrete back to life.

GoNano's patented Nanotechnology revitalizes and extends the life of the concrete by 10 years on average.

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